5 Common Air Conditioner Service Problems

Extreme hot and cold weather will lead to a higher use of air conditioners and this intensive use and often have several hiccups in the services or functions of the unit. Understanding the cause of the AC problems and the best course of action to take to correct the issues. Some of the common air conditioner service problems that you might have to deal with are:

1.Incorrect Operation

Many people will use their air conditioner unit based on its simple functions of heating or cooling a room, which tends to be the wrong perceptions of operating the unit. Most issues associated with the utilization of air conditioners stem from improper use of the unit. For instance, people will leave exterior air outlets like doors and windows open while leaving interior doors closed, which restricts airflow around the house. If these actions are repeated over a period, especially when the air outside is humid, it causes the coils for freeze up more so when the unit runs non-stop for several hours. Also, the incorrect setting of the thermostat will affect the proper functioning of the air conditioner making rendering it unable to regulate the temperatures properly.

2.Wiring and Other Power Related Problems

At times, the air conditioning service problems are due to defective or faulty wiring. A wire might be loose, a blown fuse, or circuit breakers that are not working. It is important to make sure that the unit is unplugged from its power source before you embark on checking for any of the issues related to power. But the best approach is to let an AC repair technician assess and correct the problem.

3.Frozen Coil

A frozen inner coil is an indication that the AC unit needs cleaning. In most cases, the problem emanates not from frigid temperatures but rather from a dirty filter that restricts the proper flow of air through the unit. In other situations, the problem may be due to clogged ducts that are full of dirt and small debris thus also restricting the flow of air. The restricted flow of air when the AC is running on a low setting causes a buildup of freezing condition that freezes the coil. It may be easy to deal with these issue by cleaning the unit, but at times, the situation might need you to call in a repair expert.

4.Low Refrigerant

An Air Conditioning system would not be complete without a refrigerant. Most units use a coolant chemical called Freon that quickly chills the air circulated in the home. If the coolant is low, then things might start to heat up in the home. Such a situation is common because of a leakage of the chemical. You should call in a technician to check and locate the leak, seal it, and then refill it, or replace the entire Freon chamber.

5.Faulty Installation

The guys installing the air conditioner unit may miss something or might have failed to fix a component correctly. Such mistakes make it difficult for the unit to deliver optimal services yet you might not even notice that there is a looming problem. Issues such as a sluggish fun, restricted airflow within the unit and other service problems are due to improper installation.

Call an air conditioner repair specialist as soon as you see any of the service problems mentioned above. Having the issues corrected early will help avoid high energy bills and increase the performance of the AC unit and prolong its life.