History of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Club

The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Club was established in August 1979 by the consensus of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) to support the effectiveness of the activities of members of the Federation of Thai Industries and to promote and strengthen relationships among members.

Its current address is 60 Zone C, 4th Floor, Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, New Ratchadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110.

The main objectives of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Club are as follows:

To act as a centre for members of the FTI in industrial clubs as stipulated by the FTI

To act as the representative of the members of the club in co-ordinating policy and operation between members and the state

To be a place where members can exchange information and opinions that benefit the industry

To create friendship and co-operation among members

To conduct research, disseminate, pr
omote and provide technical training for the advancement of the local industry in order to compete internationally

To act on any matters that will promote the co-operation and co-ordination between members, government agencies, distributors and consumers

To promote solidarity in order to protect and promote stability and benefits of local industry

To promote product quality with reliable standards

To promote the increase in number of industrial operators and their capability

To co-ordinate with members of the FTI and other industrial clubs to meet the objectives of the FTI

To promote and seek support channels for market expansion for local industrial products in both domestic and international markets.

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